Lost In The Crags

Another poem I stitched together right now! I know this one's pretty dark and depressing, but I just felt like putting it down to writing! Your thoughts on this one are most appreciated!

Plus, guys, you may not be seeing much of me around for a while, because my mock exams are coming up in a month. *grrr* Those are kindly being followed by my Cambridge exams - and it's my first sitting, so I'm pretty darn nervous! 

Lost In The Crags

Deep in the grotto
Hidden in shadow
Alone she lies there, clad in gray.

On her brow, a crown
Her screams make no sound
And the glass panes, they won't break away.

She cries as she falls
But do they care at all?
You Highness, perhaps it's best this way?

She watches from afar
No guide in the stars
And her dreams, she found their edges frayed.

Not a daisy in sight
No thrush is in flight
The men toil hard to keep them at bay.

The sky weeps most
The devil and his ghost
They tread the earth, the dry earth, in vain.

The mountains turn away
They shake in their shame
And the clouds gather to mourn the slain.

The blameless are shot
But the devil cares not
He gores the people as they rise to pray.

Deep in the grotto
Hidden in shadow
There lies a queen; she has lost her way.

There lies a dead queen; she lost her way.
The End


Sarah P said...

That poem is definitely much better than I can do, which, granted isn't saying much because I have no talent with poetry, but it's really good!

Erfa Tahir said...

Thanks Sarah!

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