"So what's the point of this blog anyway?"

Bring On The Ink popped into existence (it was a very faint, timid kind of pop) the day I finished Obsidian (Lux, #1) by Jennifer Armentrout, on August the 14th, 2012. I remember the date so clearly because it was my country's 65th birthday. I recall our school having a celebratory event planned out that I didn't attend because I was in my hobbit hole, working with the metaphorical hammer and chisel on Bring On The Ink. It was Katy's blog (Katy is the protagonist from Obsidian) which gave me inspiration to start one of my own.

Bring On The Ink is a book blog. It's dedicated to everything books - reviews, ramblings, and FANGIRLING (though I try to keep this at a bare minimum, folks, because it essentially involves me banging my head and limbs on the keyboard -what a pretty visual I've created right there; the result is balderdash and piffle).

Apart from that, I also post some of my own writings tagged My Inky Folios. . Your feedback on these is most appreciated! :)

Oh - you want to know a little about me too?

I'm Erfa. 17. Librocubicularist. Bibliophile. Logophile. Leftie, but aiming to achieve ambidexterity. I tend to melt into a useless, emotional puddle in the face of fiction and everything related. I want to own a library the size of the Taj Mahal, and also have hopes of meeting all my favourite authors one day. My priorities are in a hopeless heap - you can often find me reading historical fiction behind a school textbook. I'm an opinionated girl who has the unfortunate habit of judging books by covers. My chief weapon is sarcasm. I could quote Poe and Byron all day if you'd ask. If there was one person I could visit from the extensive panorama of history, it would be Tolkein.  Hope you enjoy your visit to my blog! :)

Got questions, review requests, or feedback? You can contact me at erfa_9t7@hotmail.com. 

Please refer to the Review Policy before sending me a book review request, thanks!