My Inky Folios: Dear Annaliese

Finally a My Inky Folios post after so long! This one's a poem! I've taken inspiration from the band Porcupine Tree. It's pretty gloomy, I guess. Morbid. Doesn't reflect my mood at the very least, as I sit here munching chips, and reading Days Of Blood And Starlight. :)

Dear Annaliese

Have you ever seen her face with a smile?
Have you ever glimpsed the truth in those eyes?
Do you ever think of what she goes through 
each day and night?

Have you ever wondered why she made that vow?
Have you ever imagined the secrets she hasn't spoken out loud?
Did you ever see her drink her way through poison
without sound?

Have you ever heard the words of her prayer?
As she bows her head with thoughts she will not share?
Do you ever wonder while you stand outside her doorway
why no one cares?

Have you ever wondered if there were something more?
Have you ever grasped the truth in her people's lore? 
Did you ever imagine her anguish as those sons of mothers 
tore her to the core?

Have you ever looked beyond this emptiness?
Ever watched the strands of sanity slip as she confessed?
Did you ever think as the violin played and the children wailed
why she chose to drop off this misty crest?

And that's how it ends. I would absolutely LURVE to hear your feedback - negative, positive, anything - so please don't hesitate to dish it all out in the comments section! Happy weekend! :D


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