Review Policy


I only accept middle-grade (MG), young-adult (YA), and new-adult (NA) books to review.

I accept hard copies as well as digital copies to review. In the case of digital copies, ePub, PDF, and MOBI formats are preferable. 

I also accept self-published books, ARC's and DRC's.

Kindly send review requests to this email address:

I always try my best to review the book within 30 days of receiving it. However, kindly understand that this cannot be guaranteed, and a delay may occur due to a reason. 

I do not accept free copies of books in exchange for a positive review. If I do not enjoy the book at all, I shall not review it. The opinions I post in my reviews are mine alone. 

Rating System: 

Nothing gets better than this. Amazing page-turner.

Great book. Enjoyed it very much.

Not a bad read at all.

 Neither liked it nor hated it. 

There goes my happy mood. Meh.

That's about it. Thanks for taking time out to read my policy. Check back often for updates!