Musing Monday - On Spoilers

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Why do people spoil books? Do they get a perverted sort of satisfaction when they spout out spoilers - major and minor - to destroy the reading experience of fellow bookworms? Don't they realize how sacred reading is to the reader? 
A reader's journey is personal. Of course, we share our experiences, and our opinions on books. Of course, we passionately discuss books with others - debating over the newest plot twist, who's going to end up with whom in yet another love triangle, and our absolute favorite: which character(s) is going to die in the end. But spoilers?
Spoilers are a different thing altogether.
Revealing major parts of a novel's plot on the net, leaking them out and ruining the book for readers caught unawares, is NOT cool. 
You know what? It should be made illegal.

To quote my friend, Penn -fellow reader, fangirl, and completely anti-spoilsport- "if you can't preserve the sanctity of all feels, then you might as well give up on readerdom, because it's not made for you".
True, buddy. 
I mean, come on.
Allegiant's case is the most recent one. Three deaths were spoiled for me thanks to some random spoilsport at school. THREE. One of which was the last one - the big one.
And this was before I could even get my hands on a copy.
My initial reaction?

And then - 

Throughout the course of the next three days, this was me:

For those bookworms who have gone through similar suffering, here's an Wikihow article that might help.

I bawled my socks off for three whole days after the spoilers. They were DEVASTATING, to say the least. Please, please - for the sake of humanity and all that is good on this earth - avoid spoiling books (and movies and television series) for other fans. And if you're acquainted with a spoiltroll, beware.


Anonymous said...

c-can I? This is so amazing and true and reminds me how I ran into smack a fifth grader when I heard MY allegiant spoiler-I mean COME ON. really? you read an epic book (or not an epic book but a book all the same) and that's what you do in the memory of all those dead charas? you spoil? REALLY? heh.

Liberal Slacker said...

Fantastic! :D

- Bisma.


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