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Oh. My. God. I still can't believe I'm done with my first O Levels sitting. The past few months have been hectic and having been forced to leave Bring On The Ink since January in order to focus on my studies, I'm now absolutely thrilled to return to the blogosphere I love. I MISSED YOU GUYS. I missed blogging about the novels I'm reading, the novels I want to read and all those crazy bookish news popping up every now and then. And I know I'm rambling, but I want to make the most of this opportunity by thanking YOU guys, my lovely readers, for keeping this blog alive during my absence. Bring On The Ink gained 20 new followers while I was away with my nose buried in my text books, and I have almost reached 10,000 page views, while I remember distinctly that I had about 6000 pageviews in December. So yeah - I love you guys seriously. :) Cheers! 
I'll resume my reviews, memes, and challenges really soon. I read some amazing books these past couple of months. Altered! Under The Never Sky! Through The Ever Night! And I'm almost done with the epic Graceling. And so many books have been released - it's all I can do to not gobble them all up at once. I even changed the template (hope you guys find it pleasant); credits go to Inventing Inspiration - truly amazing designs.
And yeah, my blog will turn a year old in August, so I'm planning on doing something for the bloggoversary. I'm definitely going to take part in more giveaways and book tours. And I can promise you one thing - no one's coming between my blog and me for the rest of the year. I hope my lovely readers stick around and enjoy my reviews and ramblings. 
That wraps things up. It's bye from me for now! :D


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