Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by a blog of the same name.

So … you’ve just finished reading a book. For the sake of the discussion, we’ll say it was everything a book should be—engaging, entertaining, interesting, thought-provoking. The kind you want to gush over. The question is—do you immediately move on to your next book? Or do you take time to contemplate this writerly masterpiece and all its associated thoughts/emotions/ideas for a while first?

I'm finally back after a long long looong break from blogging. The culprit? Exams. I got over with them (finally) today, and now nothing's gonna separate Bring On The Ink from its creator. Well, not till my CIE examination in May. -.-

I really wanted to post my thoughts on this week's Booking Through Thursday because the topic under consideration applied to me.

I recently read Finnikin Of The Rock, and it was everything: engaging, entertaining, interesting, thought-provoking. And definitely the sort of book I would marvelously gush over.

When I finished reading Finnikin Of The Rock, I was lost in a wave of emotions. I did sit for a couple of minutes, contemplating all that had happened in the book, thinking back to the climax, and wondering about what the second installment, Froi Of The Exiles, would hold in store for me. I begun reading Froi a day after I was done with Finnikin Of The Rock.

If the next book in my to-be-read list would not have been the sequel to the book I was just done with, I'm certain I would have spent some time reflecting on the finished book. And if said book's completely fantastic, then I guess most people would be mentally going over the entire plot in their head. That's what I do.

Sooo, I do contemplate those novels that blow me apart, but I don't necessarily complete my reflections before moving on to the next book. I contemplate 24/7. :D


Ruby Ham :) said...

Yay, you're back!!!! By the way, I've nominated you for The Adorable Blog Award! Find the stuff here:! XD

Erfa Tahir said...

Hi Ruby!
Yeeaah, I'm finally back! It's been tooo long! :D
Wow, thanks for the nomination!! I checked the page out! :D You rock!
And thanks for commenting!


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