Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the girls at The Broke And The Bookish. This week's top ten is a freebie (yay!). That means we get to choose whatever top ten list we want to feature. So I dug into the archives and came up with:

My Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves

1. Lengthy books, lengthy series
Yes. I hate those. I hate series that go on for six or seven books, and I tend to stay away from those with ten or eleven in the package. Dragging the plot through so many books diminishes my interest in it, and often spoils the fun of the story itself. Quite frankly, I would point out the Twilight saga as one such series that could have been marginally more enjoyable had a few hundred pages been excluded. 

2. Insta-love
Eugh. Kat from the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout referred to it as "the bane of my existence". I can say the same, because I personally find such puppy love really artificial and irritating.


3. Love triangles
*Holds head in hands and sighs* That dreaded love triangle. More often than not, the author puts in love triangles just to boost the drama. I hate love triangles because sometimes I can't decide who to root for. Or mostly, there is too much evidence who the chosen one would be, so why all the fuss establishing a love triangle? Someone wise once said: "Love triangles are wrecktangles." I agree.

4. Dissimilar cover models and characters
This one particularly irks me. It ticks me off when the cover model doesn't fit the description of the character in the book. Seriously, why can' t the cover designer/artist just find out what the character's supposed to look like and then pick out models?

5. Too much describing a character's clothes 
I don't really care much if the character's wearing a pair of faded Levis, a D and G tee, uggs, and a trench coat. And polka dot socks. So if the articles of clothing don't affect the plot, spare the big description. 

6. Too many brand names
Sort of linked to the fifth point. When readers years from now will be reading a book loaded with current brand names, would they have the faintest what the author is referring to?

7. Disappointing sequels
I really don't like it when I read an amazing book, wait in high anticipation for the next thinking it'll be a bomb, and then get all disappointed when I finally read it. Those sort of sequels suck. -.-

8. Rushed endings
Won't you get annoyed if you read a book that has so much detail and depth in the plot, and is a brilliant read throughout, but the ending is just so rushed you feel as if the author just wanted to wrap things up quickly so that he/she could get started on the next project? Unrealistic circumstances occur - anything, really, to put the book to a close.

9. Whiny heroines
 Who can enjoy a book if the heroine is a loser? Would you even bother rooting for her, caring about what she goes through? Definitely not, right?  I hate the wimpy, whiny kind, with all their stupid decisions and obstinacy. I mean, sure, every heroine goes through character development, especially in a series, but I think exaggeration of their flaws and stupidity is unneeded.

10. Judgmental readers
You know the readers who judge what others read? The ones who look down on those who read too much romance, or historical fiction or only young-adult? They annoy me, because I think everyone can read whatever they want. Everyone's got their own tastes. Sure, you can always give your opinion on a particular genre or books of a certain author, but being condescending towards someone because of what they read is unacceptable.



Cayce said...

Great list! I agree with every bit of it.

The problem I've with love triangles is that I tend to root for the "wrong" guy. *sigh*
My recent sequel let-down was Insurgent. It's just didn't measure up to Divergent. *sad face*
And whiny MC's are the worst!

Btw, love Stitch! :)


Erfa Tahir said...

Hi Cayce!
The "rooting for the wrong guy" happened to me once too. In Vampire Academy. I was broken-hearted. :(

Thanks for your comment! Have a great day! :D


PS: I know right? Cute little Stitch. :)

Angela said...

Terrific list! I especially agree with number 4. Thanks for stopping by my Top Ten :)

Erfa Tahir said...

Hi Angela!
I know right? Stitch is right to react like that! ;)
Haha, no problem! :D


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