Review - A Raucous Time by Julia Hughes

Kindle Edition
Published: November 2nd 2011
Edition language:  English
Genres: Juvenile Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, Thriller
Goodreads Synopsis
"When the final tally is counted, it will be seen that John’s vices far outweigh the virtues of other kings,” Churchill meant the Magna Carta of course. John also left another legacy though. One which has been hidden from sight for almost one thousand years. Rhyllann Jones’s geeky cousin Wren believes he can solve an ancient mystery. And he’s willing to sacrifice everything to the race to discover the fabled treasure trove of King John.

Rhyllann Jones longs for a normal family life. His Mum is an animal activist, his gran is in hospital, his aunt is in prison, while his cousin insists he knows where King John's lost treasure is hidden. Somehow Rhyllann finds himself fleeing from a ruthless gang and DI Crombie, over the wild moors of Bodmin and in more danger than he could ever imagine.


I was provided a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

A Raucous Time serves as a prequel to another novel of Julia Hughes - A Ripple In Time. I only needed to read a couple of pages of A Raucous Time to appreciate the richness of the text - the author has done an excellent job in delivering the description of the scenes to the reader. She does it so well that it appears as if the reader is transported into the book and is observing the plot unfold from the sidelines.

The main characters in the book are two cousins - Wren and Rhyllan. When Wren comes across an ancient diary that reveals information regarding the location of King John's long lost treasure, treasure that has been missing for more than nine hundred years, he determines to find it. What follows is a remarkable, thrilling adventure as Wren and Rhyllan team up to get to the treasure before the bad guys do. 
This is a book worth adding to your Kindle collection. Go and get it! 


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