Please Stay by Denise Kim Wy - A Review

Goodreads Synopsis:

Seven years have passed, and as far as Kym is concerned, Ethan is happily dating her best friend Michelle. They haven’t seen each other ever since the night Ethan asked her the question that haunted her dreams as she left Northridge. Now, fate decides to bring them together, bringing back bitter sweet memories as they visit the places that witnessed their evolution from childhood friends, to awkward teens dealing with love, peer pressure and growing up. As the day draws to an end, the question remains, had Ethan already moved on or is he still waiting for Kym’s real answer to his question?

My Thoughts:

 I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange of an honest review.

To be frank, this ebook was not meant for my taste buds. I felt that Kym, the main character who narrates the story, was rather flat – not solid. I didn’t get attached to her the way one does with great protagonists. Ethan too, in my opinion, was not well-defined. And though this isn’t entirely the author’s fault, the many typos and errors in the book really irked me, and affected my rating of Please Stay to an extent, even though I tried ignoring them.
What I really appreciated in the book is the constant switch between the present, where Kym and Ethan are adults, and the past, where Kym relives memories of her and Ethan in school. It brought great depth to the story.
Additionally, the ending was really unanticipated. And I loved it. It wasn’t a happy ending, which was what I was expecting; on the contrary, it was heartbreaking, and for the first time, I truly felt for Kym.

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